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Kuwala Health Media Trust

By Jeff Louis · January 28, 2017

Vision- Quality and Equal Health access for all Timeline- Formed on 22nd November, 2013 by Mr Joel Jere, Mr Cossam Hauli and Mr Solomon David Chomba. Mr Joel Jere and Cossam Hauli had a studio by the name Kuwala media where they were shooting editing videos. In the course the two met Mr Solomon David Chomba an Obstetric and Gynecological clinician working at Mzuzu central hospital- the biggest in north Malawi. Mr Solomon David Chomba started explaining the situation of cervical cancer in the country where he narrated to say on that clinic day he had put 5 women on palliative care following late detection of cervical cancer which was then advanced. He added to say almost every clinic day in his clinic room he sees a minimum of 4 cases with advanced cervical cancer. But on further questioning to the victims, they all reported not to have heard of the disease hence they missed primary prevention. This situation touched everybody there and Mr Solomon David Chomba requested if they can join forces in establishing an organization to help government in primary prevention and resource mobilization . This idea was warmly accepted and supported by the 3 who incorporated health in Kuwala media and the organization name became Kuwala health Media. We started setting up the organization with our limited resources from 22nd November, 2013 amidst criticisms and discouragements from relatives and friends. The vision was steadfast till 2014 when we started working on our registration...